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My last day of high school has been cancelled. Well.

Thank God.

Time served.

Or something like that?

ETA: And it's official. I have my diploma. They can't take it away from me.
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*turns school's anti-procrastination essay into a rant against right-wing hypocrisy*

It's like magic!
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UPDATE: We made the local news. School should be interesting on Monday.

Oh god, my school's going to explode.

If you read the post immediately preceding this one, you know about all the controversy surrounding Fresh Friday. If you didn't, either go read it now, or skip this post, because they're pretty closely linked.

Today, a bunch of kids from Sharpsburg (one of the poorer municipalities) staged a walk-out. They got about forty (that's the only estimate I've gotten, but whatever the number, it was a significant amount) kids to walk out of school in the middle of the day. Most of them just walked out onto the football field, although a small group walked around the school banging on doors and such on their way out.

The school got wind of this before it happened, and posted teachers at the exits to the school about halfway through, but it didn't really work.

And now, all the kids who dressed up are pissed off. Really pissed off. And they're being absolutely hateful. On the bus home, I heard:

"They're just doing it to get out of class. They all cut class anyway."
"They probably all went to Little Russia and got cigs." (Little Russia is a long story that I won't get into.)
"We had a sub during that class, so my class just went over the window and started shouting 'fuck you' at them. [Name Omitted] spit at them."

And, in reference to the original meetings and speeches:

"Oh, 'we all come from broken homes?' Not up here we don't."
"So you've been working since you were thirteen? That's your problem."

My reactions?

Wow. Forty kids is a lot.

Walk-out = good idea. Banging on doors = maybe less good idea.

People on my bus = worst people I've ever met.

My sister thinks they're going to punish all the people walked out. (They made the teachers take roll.) I wouldn't be surprised, but I think it would make everything worse.
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Get ready, because this is going to be a long post. I've had an interesting day -- in many ways -- and it bears writing out.

My school is something of a hotbed of controversy at the moment )


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