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So, I'm in the Philadelphia airport, where I've just had my second cancelled flight of the day. Plus, on the landing of the flight from Kansas City, there was awful turbulence and the plane had to circle around three times, and when we landed, all of the passengers applauded because everyone was just a little afraid they were going to die.

Then our flight to Pittsburgh was delayed, so we didn't miss it, except then it just...never came. Nobody really seemed to know why. So then we went to a later flight to Pittsburgh, except that then the first officer went missing, so they had to cancel that as well. So now we're maybe getting another flight, or maybe they're giving us a hotel room.

On the bright side: I may get to miss my statistics exam tomorrow morning.

(This post probably sounds more bitter than it actually is. There's nothing life-or-death waiting for me in Pittsburgh, so I honestly think this is all kind of fun. *g*)

EDIT: Oh, yeah, forgot to mention. Having met my niece, I can confirm that she is, in fact, the best niece in the world. Despite being teeny-tiny and lacking speech or fine motor control.
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What's cooler than going to your university's TEDx event?

Going to your university's TEDx event as a journalist, and getting a press pass.

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Today I participated in a scientific study (listening to a computer say words and then typing them) for $5. I think that officially makes me a college student.
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Thank you, Farscape, for getting me through my finals.

(Two down. Last one in two and a half hours!)
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I have joined CMU's improv club! It's called No Parking Players (no, no one knows why) and it's really awesome. It's like summer camp, only some of the people are actually good at improv, and they always teach you how to get better.

I've actually been going for a month or so now (two meetings a week, in my copious spare time) and it's been really awesome. I'm terrible at improv, is the thing. I freeze way too easily. I can do games like Questions, which are about wordplay, but having to create a scene--a funny scene--out of nothing is almost impossible for me. See, I think too much. (Or, as one of the officers says, I'm "a cerebral player.") Part of it is that the comedy I tend towards is very dry and sarcastic, which is not conducive to improv, but a lot of it is getting stuck wondering what I should do next.

The funny thing is, when I stop wondering so much, I sometimes make a scene that really works.

So I've been working on not overthinking. And I'm getting better, a little bit. I can put aside the constant worry sometimes. I can look for situations in which I can react, instead of creating something out of nothing. And sometimes, when I say the first thing that pops into my's actually funny.

Of course, there's a metaphor in there somewhere. But don't think about it too hard. *g*
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Feet and feet of snow out there, and it's still coming. My friends and I had an epic snowball fight in the courtyard--sort of like the kind that I always thought I should have had as a kid, but never actually did. There were (and still are) people all over campus sledding and throwing and just generally rolling around in snow.

It's beautiful, too. I'll have to see whether I can get a few pictures from my friends with cameras.
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It's official! I've moved in to college. I've got a week of orientation activities, and then classes start on the 25th.

My roommate is from California, and I ate dinner with her family tonight -- I got to choose the restaurant, because of course they didn't know any, and it was all very fun. Unfortunately, all of the orientation activities look a little bit...boring? Well, to give you an idea, we have a two hour lecture on drugs, and another one on "being part of the campus community." But I guess I'll just use the opportunity to meet people.

They gave us paper wristbands, and they expect us to keep them all week. I guess they like their freshmen unshowered. *g*


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