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My floor's lounge is pretty awesome right now. See, we're not allowed to put holiday decorations up if they are in any way related to any religion at all. Like, we're not even allowed to put up things that are red and green. Because that would be exclusive.

So we banded together and made...the Secular Box!

A few photos below the cut )

Yeah, I wish I had more angles on it. It's awesome. And yes, those are badly-strung chili pepper lights in the background.

I've mentioned that I love my floor, right?

EDIT: They made us take it down. It is, for some incomprehensible reason, a fire hazard.

I do not approve.
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Or, how Bea failed to go to her first goth club )

And that is the story of how I didn't go to my first goth club! Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the best part. Most of what I just told you? We have it on film. *g*
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It's official! I've moved in to college. I've got a week of orientation activities, and then classes start on the 25th.

My roommate is from California, and I ate dinner with her family tonight -- I got to choose the restaurant, because of course they didn't know any, and it was all very fun. Unfortunately, all of the orientation activities look a little bit...boring? Well, to give you an idea, we have a two hour lecture on drugs, and another one on "being part of the campus community." But I guess I'll just use the opportunity to meet people.

They gave us paper wristbands, and they expect us to keep them all week. I guess they like their freshmen unshowered. *g*


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