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Thank you, Farscape, for getting me through my finals.

(Two down. Last one in two and a half hours!)
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But it's time for my annual "I love birthdays" post.

Because I do love birthdays, even if mine isn't until Saturday. I was woken up from a nap at about 5 this evening to find almost all of my friends gathered in my living room, where they gave me, instead of a cake, a platter full of deep-fried Oreos. They'd deep-fried them themselves. (I'd never had one before, and I'd always really wanted to try one, and I was right! They're awesome!) And then my roommate gave me a board game that I'd been wanting, and my former roommate gave me a T-shirt she made for me that says "I'm somebody's gay best friend." (I knew that one was coming. I picked out the shirt and the paint colors.) And then my friend Paul made me two cakes, because he didn't make me one last year. And then I went to improv and got to pick a game to play, and...

I love birthdays. They remind me that I love my friends unironically and unsarcastically, even if I mostly relate to them through irony and sarcasm. Seriously, days like this just make me feel loved, and appreciated, and I don't think it gets better than this.
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I have mastered recursion! I AM FUCKING INVINCIBLE!


Okay, it was only one program, and the first and easiest one, at that. Whatever. I made a method call itself. It is possible that I do not completely fail at learning to program.
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So, as I'm officially going to CMU next fall (in the school of computer science), I thought it would be a good idea to, um. Learn programming. Some of you may remember that I took an independent study in Java two years ago. Unfortunately, that class is part of a black hole in my memory, so I'm now working through a Java book with the help of a friend of my father's.

After two chapters and 29 practice programs, I can now:

* average three numbers together
* figure out the number of seconds in a given timeslot
* draw the Big Dipper
* make a pie chart


(Ten chapters left!)


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