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“The books you loved when you were in fourth grade and read them to tatters, you’ll never love another book like that.”
Daniel Handler, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Harry Potter was such a large part of my life for so long that I don’t even know what it’s given me. Apart from a few things—one very close friend, a moral compass in one moment of dire need, and a detailed knowledge of how to make a cloak out of a bedsheet—it’s really impossible for me to pick out the things that Harry Potter gave me from the things that I would have had anyway.

Maybe if I had picked up the books for the first time when I was eighteen, I could tell you, without bias, whether they were well-written or not, what their strengths and weaknesses were. But I can’t. For good or for ill, I loved them and love them still. They’re a part of me.

So thank you, Harry Potter. Thank you, J.K. Rowling. Thank you, fandom. Thank you, Sugar Quill, SQ87, and Arya. I like who I am. Thank you for the parts of me that you gave me.
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The Senate has now officially voted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
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Hey, flist! If you're one of the super-special people who used to frequent the Sugar Quill, you should come to our post-Deathly Hallows Quill chat on Saturday, at 4 pm EST.

Yes, that's right, Quill chat. You remember those, I'm sure. Not having the resources or the authority to use the old Quill chat, though, Saturday's chat will be held at

No password or account required. Just use your old Quill name as a nickname.

Please be there. You guys are all awesome.

(Also, if you're coming, spread the word! We're probably all in contact with at least a few Quillers, so post on your LJ or let them know.)
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I voted for the first time today. Civic duty officially exercised!
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But it's time for my annual "I love birthdays" post.

Because I do love birthdays, even if mine isn't until Saturday. I was woken up from a nap at about 5 this evening to find almost all of my friends gathered in my living room, where they gave me, instead of a cake, a platter full of deep-fried Oreos. They'd deep-fried them themselves. (I'd never had one before, and I'd always really wanted to try one, and I was right! They're awesome!) And then my roommate gave me a board game that I'd been wanting, and my former roommate gave me a T-shirt she made for me that says "I'm somebody's gay best friend." (I knew that one was coming. I picked out the shirt and the paint colors.) And then my friend Paul made me two cakes, because he didn't make me one last year. And then I went to improv and got to pick a game to play, and...

I love birthdays. They remind me that I love my friends unironically and unsarcastically, even if I mostly relate to them through irony and sarcasm. Seriously, days like this just make me feel loved, and appreciated, and I don't think it gets better than this.
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Feet and feet of snow out there, and it's still coming. My friends and I had an epic snowball fight in the courtyard--sort of like the kind that I always thought I should have had as a kid, but never actually did. There were (and still are) people all over campus sledding and throwing and just generally rolling around in snow.

It's beautiful, too. I'll have to see whether I can get a few pictures from my friends with cameras.
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My president does believe in atheists. He does, he does!


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