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Anyone looking for a short, handy definition of "bittersweet"?

Packing for college.

I did five loads of laundry the other day, and didn't dry a couple of them well enough, so my mother keeps finding damp shirts and tsking and taking them out to run through the dryer again. Meanwhile, Boris is crawling through everything trying to make my clothes smell like cat. And as we sort, I occasionally come across some shirt or skirt or something that I had thought I'd lost forever, and my mom and I tell each other stories about it.

Three more days, you guys. I move into the dorm on Sunday.
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Conversation between my mother and me in the car:*

MOM: Want to hear what I got Kiera for her kindergarten graduation?

ME: Sure.

MOM: One of those stuffed animals with a code on the tag, and then if you go online and enter the code, they name a star after you.

ME: A real star?

MOM: Yeah. Isn't that cool?

ME: What if, in a thousand years, when humans are colonizing other planets, the first habitable one we find is around "Kiera"?

MOM: [laughs] There would be Kiera-rises and Kiera-sets.

ME: "You are my Kiera-shine, my only Kiera-shine..."

MOM: You'd better wear some Kiera-block, or you'll get Kiera-burned.

ME: And instead of naming their kids "Sunny," people will just name them "Kiera."

*Conversation may be edited for cutting out of digressions.
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I fulfilled one of my life's dreams today.

I managed to successfully pull off a "My mother carries around condoms for her job" ploy. The ploy works like this.

1) I find someone who I'm friendly with, but who doesn't know me very well. (Today, I chose Steve, a new friend from physics class.)

2) Then, I breach the subject of sex and/or condoms. (That actually happened by accident; we were talking about transmission rates of AIDS in lesbians v. heterosexual couples v. gay men.)

3) I let the conversation run its course until an opening appears naturally. (Today, it was Steve mentioning that he'd seen curry-flavored condoms. First, without thinking, I asked him if he'd tried cola-flavored ones. Then I asked him where he'd found the curry, so I could tell my mother.)

4) Finally, I drop the bombshell: "My mother carries around condoms for her job."

I wait ten seconds. Ideally, the subject's eyes widen, his jaw drops, and he oh-so-hesitantly asks what my mother's job is.

That's when I explain that she works in AIDS and hep C prevention.

Today, for the first time ever, I successfully pulled off every single part of this, and it worked beautifully. I've got to say, I'm happy.


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