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Go back to your old Internet haunts and check out the posts that 13-year-old you made. Count how many you still understand.

It's like nostalgia meets detective work!
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“The books you loved when you were in fourth grade and read them to tatters, you’ll never love another book like that.”
Daniel Handler, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Harry Potter was such a large part of my life for so long that I don’t even know what it’s given me. Apart from a few things—one very close friend, a moral compass in one moment of dire need, and a detailed knowledge of how to make a cloak out of a bedsheet—it’s really impossible for me to pick out the things that Harry Potter gave me from the things that I would have had anyway.

Maybe if I had picked up the books for the first time when I was eighteen, I could tell you, without bias, whether they were well-written or not, what their strengths and weaknesses were. But I can’t. For good or for ill, I loved them and love them still. They’re a part of me.

So thank you, Harry Potter. Thank you, J.K. Rowling. Thank you, fandom. Thank you, Sugar Quill, SQ87, and Arya. I like who I am. Thank you for the parts of me that you gave me.
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What's cooler than going to your university's TEDx event?

Going to your university's TEDx event as a journalist, and getting a press pass.

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Thank you, Farscape, for getting me through my finals.

(Two down. Last one in two and a half hours!)
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Hey, flist! If you're one of the super-special people who used to frequent the Sugar Quill, you should come to our post-Deathly Hallows Quill chat on Saturday, at 4 pm EST.

Yes, that's right, Quill chat. You remember those, I'm sure. Not having the resources or the authority to use the old Quill chat, though, Saturday's chat will be held at

No password or account required. Just use your old Quill name as a nickname.

Please be there. You guys are all awesome.

(Also, if you're coming, spread the word! We're probably all in contact with at least a few Quillers, so post on your LJ or let them know.)
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I have joined CMU's improv club! It's called No Parking Players (no, no one knows why) and it's really awesome. It's like summer camp, only some of the people are actually good at improv, and they always teach you how to get better.

I've actually been going for a month or so now (two meetings a week, in my copious spare time) and it's been really awesome. I'm terrible at improv, is the thing. I freeze way too easily. I can do games like Questions, which are about wordplay, but having to create a scene--a funny scene--out of nothing is almost impossible for me. See, I think too much. (Or, as one of the officers says, I'm "a cerebral player.") Part of it is that the comedy I tend towards is very dry and sarcastic, which is not conducive to improv, but a lot of it is getting stuck wondering what I should do next.

The funny thing is, when I stop wondering so much, I sometimes make a scene that really works.

So I've been working on not overthinking. And I'm getting better, a little bit. I can put aside the constant worry sometimes. I can look for situations in which I can react, instead of creating something out of nothing. And sometimes, when I say the first thing that pops into my's actually funny.

Of course, there's a metaphor in there somewhere. But don't think about it too hard. *g*
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My floor's lounge is pretty awesome right now. See, we're not allowed to put holiday decorations up if they are in any way related to any religion at all. Like, we're not even allowed to put up things that are red and green. Because that would be exclusive.

So we banded together and made...the Secular Box!

A few photos below the cut )

Yeah, I wish I had more angles on it. It's awesome. And yes, those are badly-strung chili pepper lights in the background.

I've mentioned that I love my floor, right?

EDIT: They made us take it down. It is, for some incomprehensible reason, a fire hazard.

I do not approve.
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My friend Jack turned his room into a giant pinhole camera. You can stand in it and watch the projected image materialize on paper (not photograph paper, yet). It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

It's also one of the best arguments I've heard for singles being better than doubles.

And in other news, I'm sick. I'm coughing, my nose is stuffed, and my ear wants to pop. It's a good thing that I have a billion school-dollars left on my student ID to buy Kleenex.
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Tonight was the Battle of the Rock Band Bands at CMU. A few of my friends and I--Jack on bass, Paul on guitar, Sara singing, me on drums--signed up as The Steam Tunnel Project. We got decked out in rock star clothes, dragged pretty much our entire floor along as groupies (there were signs, and a gogo dancer) and rocked out.

We lost by a lot. But it was awesome fun, and we were the definite crowd favorites. And there are pictures, which is definitely a good thing, considering some of the antics our "fans" got up to. Plus, y'know, I definitely want a record of Jack jumping on furniture.
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Or, how Bea failed to go to her first goth club )

And that is the story of how I didn't go to my first goth club! Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the best part. Most of what I just told you? We have it on film. *g*
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So, college. First week of classes. O.O

Well, Concepts of Mathematics is going to be hard. Fascinating, but hard. Calc, I don't know yet. Programming should be something of a challenge, I think. Provided I manage to stay in the slightly more advanced class I talked my way into. And my Humanities Scholars course -- "The Social Impact of War" -- will be awesome if for no other reasons than that it's my only humanities course, and it comes pre-stocked with people I know and like. (All the HSP kids live on the same floor.)

I hadn't realized there was so much to do in college. And not just clubs. many cool people to hang out with, that there's always a group who can go out to dinner, or take a bus into Squirrel Hill to go grocery shopping together. It's awesome. Distracting, but awesome.

Also, my roommate is great. She's a singer, and there is much impromptu harmonizing in our room.

And with that, I go off to do homework. Lots and lots of homework.
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Harry Potter post, huh? It's been a while.

Well, dressing up is always fun, especially when it involves really curly hair and an enormous amount of cleavage and pointy boots. (I was Madam Rosmerta, a character I chose solely for those three attributes.) And being fannish again was fun, as I haven't done anything remotely like it since...going to see Andrew Wilder in junior year, I think, and even that's not really the same feeling. It was just fun.

That said, the movie? Awesome. I absolutely hated the book, and I think the movie's my favorite. Go figure.

(Drop me a line on AIM and I'll gush in person. I'll be happy to gush in lj comments tomorrow.)
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I have mastered recursion! I AM FUCKING INVINCIBLE!


Okay, it was only one program, and the first and easiest one, at that. Whatever. I made a method call itself. It is possible that I do not completely fail at learning to program.
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Conversation between my mother and me in the car:*

MOM: Want to hear what I got Kiera for her kindergarten graduation?

ME: Sure.

MOM: One of those stuffed animals with a code on the tag, and then if you go online and enter the code, they name a star after you.

ME: A real star?

MOM: Yeah. Isn't that cool?

ME: What if, in a thousand years, when humans are colonizing other planets, the first habitable one we find is around "Kiera"?

MOM: [laughs] There would be Kiera-rises and Kiera-sets.

ME: "You are my Kiera-shine, my only Kiera-shine..."

MOM: You'd better wear some Kiera-block, or you'll get Kiera-burned.

ME: And instead of naming their kids "Sunny," people will just name them "Kiera."

*Conversation may be edited for cutting out of digressions.
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So, as I'm officially going to CMU next fall (in the school of computer science), I thought it would be a good idea to, um. Learn programming. Some of you may remember that I took an independent study in Java two years ago. Unfortunately, that class is part of a black hole in my memory, so I'm now working through a Java book with the help of a friend of my father's.

After two chapters and 29 practice programs, I can now:

* average three numbers together
* figure out the number of seconds in a given timeslot
* draw the Big Dipper
* make a pie chart


(Ten chapters left!)


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