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I had an actual positive chance run-in with a classmate from high school today. (Rare only because I tend to keep in contact with the people from high school I liked.) Funnily enough, I'd thought I'd seen her several times over the past few days, only to realize it was someone else, so when we ran into each other on the street, although I recognized her, it took me a few moments to say anything. *g*

In other news: my roommate and I are finally getting settled--I'm very proud of myself for getting all of the Internet set up, since it involved calling several customer service people--but classes are slow to gain momentum. I'm sure the programming classes will quickly become difficult, but otherwise my only concern is matrix algebra. Not because of the subject matter, but because my professor can't teach. I'll find friends who know the subject to help me.

And that concludes my drive-by update, I guess.
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